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Air Conditioner Start-Up Tips

Are you ready for some warmer weather? Here are some air conditioner start-up tips that you can follow this spring to ensure that your AC runs efficiently throughout the summer:

1. Replace or clean air filters: Dirty air filters can cause your AC to work harder and increase your energy bills. It's recommended to replace or clean your air filters every one to three months.

2. Remove the cover from the condenser outside before turning on the system on your thermostat.

3. Inspect the outdoor unit: Check the condenser for any signs of damage or debris. Ensure that the area around the unit is clear of any leaves, branches, or other objects that may block airflow. Cleaning the condenser can improve the efficiency of your AC.

4. Check the thermostat settings: Make sure that your thermostat is set to the right temperature and mode. For instance, switch to cooling mode and set the temperature to the recommended level.

5. Schedule a professional tune-up: Our technicians can inspect and service your AC. We will check and clean the condenser and coil and test the system for proper operation.

By following these air conditioning start-up tips, you can ensure that your AC runs smoothly and efficiently on all of the hot days that we are about to enjoy.

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